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In all the discussion the issues have been of intellect and belief. But we are more, and this more is largely embraced in my views on spirituality.

First, I must make it clear that I do not mean any form of religious spirituality. I believe that our spirit is the core of us, but also involves our ethics and morals. That if we do have something within us that is soul or spirit, then this will be uncovered as we apply the tools and techniques of systematic social science to ourselves. I can say that I have found it not necessary to postulate on any such object as a soul or spirit. But that I equally found that such a notion is most important in expressing and describing the core of each of us, unique noted in the manner we live in the world. It follows that in my view we do not each have the same measure of spirituality.

From my exploring and reflecting I concluded that my spirit is something that comes initially to me, but then once at an age where I can understand I can in fact nurture and develop the spirit in me.

As a boy I was to be undergo confirmation in the Anglican Church. I was expected to sign a paper declaring my faith. I refused since the paper said things of which I was not convinced, and sought a leap of faith offensive to my intellect.

Since then I have pondered faith, and the need to believe in something bigger than self. Slowly it emerged, and as the final aspects of development of this site I will offer these ideas to you.

Thus our spirituality embraces our manner of being in the world, based on core beliefs, an important aspect of which is hope for the future.



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