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About the papers.

The background to the papers is largely summarised in the preamble to the site. It is quite important to read this and to gain the overview of this background and intent before proceeding to read the papers.

The first paper is on perception, addressing the question of how Reality influences how we perceive and the relationship between the formation of ideas and the factors in Reality enabling the formation of ideas. This is a core paper, and from this I will then elaborate and derive the other aspects of the theory and philosophy.

In this first paper I point the way in which the ideas will unfold. However it is important to understand that the ideas did not emerge in such a tidy fashion, the process of their evolution was iterative, each time I had created something I would assess it against the whole set of problems. If any questions remain unanswered, then I did not have a solution.

In the manner of computer generations I assess the current solution as version 5.4.



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