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There is nothing that in principle cannot be explained.

So for example, in seeking a general theory of psychology all that is human is to be embraced and so explained by the theory. When beginning this process it very quickly becomes apparent that we need to first establish what we mean by 'explanation'. But ignoring these technical difficulties for the moment, the proposition means that we approach the universe with an open mind making a minimum of pre-judgements of any situation and where we do make pre-judgements, making it clear to ourselves what they are.

Specifically, in the example of a general theory of psychology if there is a soul as something carrying the spark or core of us, then this will become part of the theory. If, however we can achieve explanation without the concept of soul then it is excluded. If we design an adequate process, then we do not have to make the decision in advance, merely to apply the process of theory creation and follow the design of the theory as it emerges.

In this way the philosophy also defines ontology that is a theory of what exists and what does not exist in the universe. At least ontology related to what we currently know and understand.



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