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Papers to be developed.

Generally the ideas are completed, though in some instances some research and relating to existing literature is needed. I expect to add a paper every six to eight weeks, and to have largely completed the presentation of the main ideas by the end of this year.

The sequence is broadly as follows:

  • Develop the core ideas on perception (completed and presented).
  • Develop the general theory of knowledge.
  • Develop the model of science and the tools for systematic theoretical social science.
  • Apply the tools to the problem of a general theory of psychology.
  • Explore application of the theory to actual people in actual situations and relate to the main aspects of people commonly encountered.
  • Apply the ideas to the evolution of mind.
  • Apply the ideas to the creation and development of human spirituality.
  • Develop the concepts of a humanist faith without God.
  • Apply the ideas to the re-interpretation of modern quantum physics to the question of whether or not probability is intrinsic to the universe.
  • Complete the overall image of the place and power of humankind in the universe.

Working titles for the next papers are:

  • Perception and a theory of knowledge
  • A theory of science and the tools for a systematic social science
  • A general theory of psychology and its application
  • The evolution of mind
  • The human spirit and its foundations
  • Spiritual humanism: a Faith without God
  • Humanity, creativity and the role of chance in the universe



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