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Retaining a sense of mystery and wonder.

Two issues are likely on your mind. First, why bother with all this? I have already discussed how the answers to the broad interesting questions are found in the answers to the detailed questions assumed and implicit within the broad and general questions. So to answer the question 'how did I come to be?' requires that we answer detailed questions on how Reality influences the formation of our knowledge and how the actual state of Reality effects our ability to perceive at all. From these detailed questions emerges understanding of how reality can effect perception, and from there we can see the factors in Reality contributing the emergence of intelligence itself.

As to the more general nature of the 'why bother' question, why did Scott go to the pole, why climb Mt Everest? Because it is there! Perhaps not a very good reply but I can do no better. I want to know I want better answers than I have been offered and that I can find. So best I seek my own. So I have. At one time I might have sought to become a philosopher; I still would like to live by my writing. But I want to write what I want to write, which makes it a tricky proposition for a publisher. So I do it here, and take satisfaction from the act, and if you were to find it interesting and helpful, then even better.

But, it has been said to me, all this rational, scientific stuff takes the fun and wonder out of everything. Not for me, I can understand how a flower grows, understand atoms and molecules, and still see its beauty. The intellect and the aesthetic each to be enjoyed for what each can bring to us.

To express some of this I share part of a poem written new years morning 1995 as I explored what I wanted for me.

to live a life full has always been my aim

to know full measure both reason and pleasure

but to do so i need allow the peaks of pleasure troughs of pain

the height of each new peak a measure of the trough

both a measure of my aim

i feel packed full of life the passions in me surge

but now and more each day from my core

the light flows through me quietening too hasty urge

to feed my soul to act for me

while offering a gentle spirit to raise the spirit in those i meet

to focus on what i feel i need for me

to have fulfilment from the act not dismiss the daily chore as merely the means to some future state of peace or


to act according to my soul and to what instinct says is my destiny

to flow with the highs and lows of life

to be at peace with the process of living and live each day fully

to imbue me with peace flowing from my core

with passion contained

and with fulfilment from achieving that which i set for me


There is nothing more wondrous that the next question, the feeling of elation from the previous answer stopped short with the understanding that there is yet more to know, and the excitement of where it might lead. Like life itself, never able to be quite defined or pigeonholed a constant journey of surprise and the tension of not knowing.

Good luck on your journey.



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