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About Me.

I enclose an abbreviated cv so that you can know something of me.

Abbreviated cv of Graham R. Little

Dr Graham R Little PhD AFNZIM

  • Graduated Ph.D. in chemistry in 1971.
  • Shell Oil, Chemical Sales then HO Training and Recruitment 1971-76. In his capacity as Training and Recruitment Officer with Shell Oil (1974-76), Dr Little was sent to Melbourne by Shell for a total period of eight weeks, there to review training methods and philosophies, and to bring back those applicable to New Zealand. He studied in detail the corporate training systems and approach of Shell in Australasia and had regular contact with Senior Shell Trainers in the extensive establishments overseas. During this time he began his research into human behaviour change and models of psychology and aetiology of human mood and conduct, and it was about 1974 he resolved to develop more comprehensive and more general and more thorough understanding of human mood and conduct. He says that had he known then it would take twenty years, he may not have begun.
  • Fisher International, Commercial Director 1976-78. Responsible to owner, Mr L.J. Fisher for the commercial operations of the company, left upon Mr Fisher’s death.
  • Own business in human development and behaviour change1978 to present.
  • During 1978/79 Dr Little was counsellor and assistant director of pre-employment program for disadvantaged youth on the North Shore where he was involved in assisting these young people to build better lives, challenges included poor educational history, substance abuse, family dysfunction, and sexual abuse.
  • From 1979 through 1981 Dr Little begun his own business initially training and offering coaching to business on the North Shore, with an emphasis on principles of behaviour change typical of psychology and then emerging in the academic literature.
  • Began the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Social Sciences Ltd (ITASS) in 1981. As founder and CEO Dr Little was involved in a range of human behaviour change, guided at peak ten psychologists with clients largely from doctors referral, involved in designing and supporting implementation of public programs from assertiveness, to male and female sexuality, weight and smoking control, and substance abuse programs. Invited to the Auckland Medical School, since to review and discuss Doctor professional development, since by then ITASS had over 90% of Auckland doctors through evening seminars, conducted by Dr Little, whereas they could never get more than 50-60% to their professional development seminars. Business was very successful and if put back together now, the units would be a very large social sciences institute, what was less successful was the four-way shareholding with three psychologists, which is why the business split with each party taking own pieces. In the end Dr Little was offered the majority share, and asked to run it as a business. He says: “in hindsight, this is the only business decision I have ever regretted, for I should have taken this offer”.
  • The entrepreneur and Managing Director of The New Zealand Business School initially as a subsidiary of ITASS. NZBS grew rapidly to thirty staff and 12 000 enrolments annually from managers, team leaders and salespeople. It suffered heavily in the 1987 crash and recession following. It was put into liquidation in 1993. Dr. Little was bankrupt 1993-96. During this period Dr Little refined and developed the principles of human development and behaviour change in formal authority systems, and today this understanding remains a corner stone of his work, though now the understanding extended by his in depth analysis of the aetiology of human mood and conduct and the application of behaviour change principles to open and general social systems (communities for example).
  • Business Development Associates 1994 to present, the consulting business owned and operated by Dr. Little, focused on enhancing management leadership in small to medium businesses.
  • Dr Little very much sees his activities currently focused on behaviour change in formal authority systems, in short, businesses, but with the core of the principles applicable to broader questions of facilitation of change in open social systems such as communities. This understanding is deepened but his now thorough analysis of aetiology of mood and conduct in people. This understanding published at his web site www.grlphilosophy.co.nz.
  • Five years of a monthly column in NZ Management Magazine.
  • Four years with a weekly talk back spot on Radio 1ZB business hour.
  • Four books published: 101 Ways to be a Better Manager, then 101 Ways to be a Better Sales, Production and Retail Manager. These sold over 20 000 copies in the NZ, with additional sales in Singapore and Thailand.
  • Over one hundred articles on management and human development in NZ and overseas magazines and journals.
  • Articles on philosophy in impact of science on society and World Future Society Bulletin.
  • Regular commentator on social and political issues through newspaper articles and letters to editor.
  • Monthly column in NZ Manufacturer Magazine, for two years.
  • Five books published on leadership in London, these are Management Team Leadership; Five Steps to Successful Business Leadership; Retail Store Leadership; Operations Team Leadership; and Sales Team Leadership.
  • Dr Little is a member of the New Zealand Society of Authors, Associate Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Management, and Member of the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry.
  • Since 1974, Dr. Little has had over 15 000 hours face-to-face training and facilitation experience with individuals and small groups.
  • It is this work that has provided the empirical basis of the philosophy and theories on why people do what they do. For the past seventeen years Dr. Little has also been thinking about, working, and writing on the solution to crucial issues in psychology and philosophy. He currently has a personal philosophy web site, www.grlphilosophy.co.nz on the philosophy he has developed, and his resolution of the problem of cause, a general theory of knowledge, and general theory of psychology.
  • It is this combination of practical experience, writing and reflection on that experience and related philosophical issues that has given rise to the sharp, practical insights Dr Little uses in his work and seeks to bring to a broader international market.



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